Sunday, October 30, 2011

Copy or Transfer Dances

Copy or Transfer Dances 111030

DANCE QUEENS - Copy or Transfer Dances

Which should you buy: copy or transfer dances? Each has advantages.

1. Transfer dances are usually lower in price than copy dances. Here is the typical pricing of the Copy (C) and the Transfer (T) dances at the MOCAP dance makers:

C 350, T 250 - 3FX
C N/A,  T 250 - A&M
C 250, T N/A  - Abranimations
C 599, T 199 - Akaesha
C 300, T N/A  - AKEYO
C 300, T 300 - Animazoo
C   90, T N/A  - ANIMOCCA
C 300, T N/A  - Extreme
C 350, T 265 - Henmations
C N/A,  T N/A - HUMANOID (individual dances are no copy, no transfer; packs are copy)
C N/A,  T 200 - Lost Dog
C 500, T 250 - Minstry of Motion
C 249, T 199 - MyAnimation
C   50, T N/A - NHC
C 550, T 220 - Raymation
C 400, T 200 - Sine Wave
C 200, T N/A  - SEMotion
C 380, T 250 - Studio4D
C 495, T 265 - There in Spirit
C N/A,  T N/A - Vista

2. Transfer dances can be sold or given away. If you decide to get rid of a dance, you can recoup some of the purchase price with a transfer dance.

3. Copy dances can be used in multiple dance applications while transfer dances can only be used in one application at a time. For example, with copy dances you can have the dance in your Dance HUD and:

A. Make a second HUD as a backup or to operate simultaneously with the first HUD.
B. Turn a second HUD into a Dance Machine
C. Add dances to a Dance Ball
D. Add dances to an XPOSE
E. Add dances to individual pose balls, an INTAN, a TIS Hybrid or other dance devices.

So, what should you do? My advice is buy a transfer dance if money is tight and you don't plan to do more than dance in clubs for fun. I have only known three people in 4.5 years who have lost their HUDs so the chances of losing one are slim. Buy copy dances if you plan to dance in shows or own a club.


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